March 28th


I woke up because the doorbell rang.

I got a gorgeous slytherin green dress and a sirius black as dog funko pop.

I then made some bacon pancakes and went out for groceries with my dad.

We got some gluten free snacks for in the fryer for his birthday party tomorrow.

When I got home I finished my supernatural episode and then my brother came by asking if he could shave his face there before going on to his meeting. Which was fine off course.

I then went next door, to babysit my sisters kids for a little bit. I bought them “there’s a dragon in your book” by Tom Fletcher, so I brought it and had to read it to them several times.

They loved it!

Afterwards I went home and my parents came by to try out the snacks we got earlier.

They were pretty darn good.

So now I can have a snack too when everyone is having them with their fries tomorrow. Yay!

My mom and I sorted through my piled up mountain of clean laundry and I tried on the green dress. She loved it, and so did I.

When they left I watched some mozART videos on youtube and even though it’s polish and there’s no subtitles it’s hilarious and the music is amazing. I also made myself some more bacon pancakes and then I went next door again to bullet journal with my sister.

Well, she set up her first bujo and I started the process of decorating one for my dad because that’s what he asked me for his birthday.

I then watched some more mozART. And now I’m going to bed. Oh and Darkness was outside sniffing and eating grass whenever I was downstairs and she lived it so we’re definitely keeping that in our schedule.

March 27th


Woke up around 9:30 because of my appointment with my therapist and my physical therapist.

When I got there, I got a horrible pain in my right ankle while waiting for the lift.

When i was sitting in the waiting area it shot through my foot several times with a severity that made me want to disappear into the floor.

When I got back home I did some groceries with my dad. Then I baked pancakes and watched supernatural while I let Darkness have her fun in the back yard. She’s an indoor only cat so she absolutely loved it.

I got super tired when the afternoon was nearing its end and my ankle still hurt so I decided to take a warm shower in hopes that would help.

I then played a little division until my parents dropped off some fries.

I then finally got around to watching Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald. Which was awesome.

I then completed a few missions in the division 2. And now I’m going to bed because I’m all tuckered out.

March 26th


Went shopping with my sister and her youngest again today to get some thing we couldn’t find yesterday. Spent way to much so I’m taking the useless stuff back tomorrow.

Luckily the store is very close to my therapist so I won’t have to make a special trip.

I did finally buy the crimes of Grindelwald, at 2 euros less then I could find it anywhere else. Which is only about 10% but since I still haven’t seen it it was worth it to me.

Customized a sketchbook while watching supernatural season 14 in the afternoon.

Then got super tired so I wanted to take a nap but when I called my dad to ask him to wake me up in a bit I realized I needed to wash my hair and to be honest if I had gone to sleep I would’ve stayed in bed until 2300 or something and I wanted to avoid that.

So instead I took an extra long hot shower while sitting down and listening to instrumental music.

Afterwards my parents came by to look for something in my attic.

Then I played the division 2 until I started feeling too queasy, I think because of some peanuts I had while playing.

So now I’m in bed joined by the gorgeous love of my life, Darkness.

March 25th


I woke up around 9:15 to go shopping with my sister. Which was pretty fun. I got a pocket sized bullet journal.

When I got home I baked myself some bacon pancakes.

Then I decided to take nap because I felt horrible.

When I woke up I decided to have my parents over for dinner.

At night I customized the tiny bullet journal and watched some bujo related videos on YouTube.

Then i went to bed.

March 24th


I woke up around 10 today. My sister asked if I wanted to go with her to visit our parents.

I usually don’t wake up till noon on sundays so I figured I’d go along.

My parents usually have the grandkids over sunday mornings so the parents can go to church.

We stayed for a little bit but when my sister left I went with her to go home.

I wasn’t really enjoying myself anyway.

I watched the rest of the last season of Doctor Who, and started watching season 14 of Supernatural.

Made some easy food twice during the day.

Then by 21:30 I could barely stand on my feet so I decided to go to bed.

I thought about posting when I was trying to fall asleep but I decided that would probably wake me up too much. So that’s why I’m writing this the next morning.

March 23rd


I woke up at 7 so I could take an hour long infra red nap followed by a hot shower, in hopes of being the best me possible for comic con.

Usually I go to comic con with my sister, bit she lives in Australia now so that makes it a bit hard.

So my dad offered to go with me, even though he doesn’t care for anything tv related other than darts, football and real police shows.

He enjoyed himself but probably won’t be going again cause it’s so not his scene.

We got to comic con around 10:15 because the city’s a mess so we had to take a detour.

I don’t know if the preemptive measures helped or if I just had a good day but my back didn’t start hurting until an hour after later.

I had some fries and even though my dad doesn’t have allergies he didn’t want to eat anything I couldn’t for my sake which was unnecessary but super sweet.

I bought season 4 of the 100 for only 3 euros. Normally that would’ve been around 18 euros, so yaaaaay!

I also bought a Dr. Cox funko from Scrubs to add to my collection. It’s not like I already have way to many or anything.😬

We stayed till about 1 because by then my back gave out so I had to go home. But we’d seen all the vendors and a lot of cool cosplays so there wasn’t much more I was interested in anyway.

We didn’t go to any panels but because of the giant screens I did manage to get a glimpse of two awesome actresses, one from Outlander and one from Charmed. 2 series I absolutely adore.

When I got home I went to my sister to talk about it all and say hi to my nieces.

We ended up going grocery shopping which was great cause I hate doing that alone most days. I talked to my best guy friend, he works there.

When I got back home I put some food in the air fryer cause I really didn’t feel like standing at the stove for longer than that. Then I watched an episode of Doctor Who before going to bed to take a nap.

After a while my parents called to check up on me and my mom suggested just sleeping through the night and I agreed so they quickly finished.

Which is why I’m posting this at 10 in the morning instead of around midnight. I really don’t mind though because I guess I just really needed it.

March 22nd


I woke up around 12.

Had some fried eggs and bacon.

Had an appointment at home at 13:15.

Watched some YouTube vids.

Got my outfit ready for tomorrow.

Made some fries and some pasta.

Watched doctor who.

Gonna take a hot shower now and then I’m of to bed.

Gotta get up early.

March 21st


I woke up around 4 pm today and took a hot shower. Felt like absolute crap, both mentally and physically.

Played the division for a while and had dinner with my parents.

Nothing tasted good, and everything seemed pointless.

I watched some outlander and played some more division.

Went to mcdonalds with my dad cause I got hungry.

Enjoyed the full moon.

Now I’m watching one more episode of outlander before going to bed.

March 20th


Sooooo I forgot to post.

Anyway here goes, better late than never I guess.

I woke up at a pretty okay time to go to my psychologist appointment, which was fine. We talked about food and such.

Afterwards my parents picked me up and we went to ikea. I had some fries because that’s all I can have there nowadays (rip swedish meatballs in cream sauce). My parents bought a new couch and then we went back home.

I went to my sister to try on some new clothes I got in the mail so I could get her opinion. The leggings didn’t come anywhere close to fitting, one dress was horrible and the other is okay but I’m not sure it’s worth the money.

Went home and played the division.

Did some groceries and baked bacon pancakes. I then watched outlander until 5ish am(OOPS). Which is why I forgot to post. And then I went to bed.

March 19th


Today was an early day for me. My sister called me at 9:30 to ask if I wanted to go to some shops with her while her kid was at school.

So we did and took her other kid with us. We bought some craft supplies, her more then me because god knows I have enough supplies for enough different hobbies to last several lifetimes at the rate I’m using it.

I then went home to have lunch and play some division before going back over next door to my sister to hang out with her and the kids and try out some fun crafts she bought.

Right before I left my parents also came over to discuss some stuff with her and her husband.

And I wasn’t home for more when a couple minutes before my dad called saying he was getting Chinese food for them all and asked if I wanted any.

I played the division until the food arrived and we had a nice dinner.

Afterwards I felt like crap so I went home right away, and you guessed it, played some division!

I quit playing half an hour ago because it wasn’t interesting me anymore nor is anything else. I called my parents for a bit to see if they had anything that might interest me but they didn’t so now I’m going to bed.