Update – April 10th


I went to the psychiatrist for the second time last Tuesday. Last week I hated him. It just didn’t feel right. Then this week when my parents dropped me off I couldn’t make myself go in so my mom went with me to the waiting room.

The appointment went really well though so I feel like next week is gonna go fine on my own.

We went over a list of 50 questions pertaining to autism because myself and others have brought it up over the years. And he also thought it was highly likely that I have autism.

So it basically works like this.

There’s 50 “points” you can get, and if you have 23 or more he usually decides to go on into a long diagnostics program. I got 32, so the next 2 or more appointments are gonna be diagnosing and then another one with my parents to talk about the early years.

Im just happy that I finally have someone who actually knows his stuff. Not to say I don’t love the psychologists I’ve had over the years because they’ve all been great. I just haven’t had a psychiatrist since I was 16.

My mom still doesn’t get how that psychiatrist insisted I wasn’t autistic even though my mom has thought it since like forever.

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted.

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