New diagnosis and food stuff



It’s been a while.

In my last post I wrote that I had to decide whether or not to continue lowering my meds.

I decided I should, cause I need to know how life is without them.

Today I’m down to 14mg out of the 150mg I took up until January.

Today I also got the official report from my psychiatrist which states I have an autism spectrum disorder and depression, next to the social phobia and generalized fear disorder I was already diagnosed with years ago.

Nothing I wasn’t expecting to find, but it’s still nice to know another little part about myself.


In other news, eating has been horrible lately.

I have a cow-milk allergy and I’m gluten intolerant. On top of this I have great difficulty finding food I like because of problems with texture, taste and smell.

Because of this I can only eat the few vegetables I can stand using particular ways of preparation. I typically eat spinach or cauliflower, with potatoes and then I mash them together with sauce and gravy and a meatball.

If I don’t eat vegetables I usually eat fries or other potato products.

Skip ahead a couple weeks and now I can hardly stomach anything containing potatoes. Because it all tasted sour.

And no matter what I eat I get a horrible stomach ache.

So basically all food sucks now!

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