March 31st


Summer time started today so everything is an hour earlier from today on.

Slept until late because of it.

Then finished the last of my pancake batter and bacon.

Let Darkness outside and lost her for a bit.

Got dressed to go look for her and decided to take her on a walk accross the street.

She was very hesitant and when we met a dog she couldn’t wait to get home.

She spent most of the day outside and she loved it!

At some point I lost her again until my sister sent me some pictures of Darkness walking on our joined garden wall and I went over there to get her because she couldn’t get out of her garden cause she sucks at jumping.

At night I made nasi goreng with a different spice packet then I’m used to because the one I always used has gluten. It was okay but it didn’t taste like nasi.

My parents came over to have some nasi and then they helped me with the dishes. And tidying the kitchen a bit.

I played some division 2 after they left. And realized it was way later than I thought so I quit. Made a quick bullet journal spread to track the plan I made with my councilor person last Friday.

Had a quick chat with my sister on the other side of the world about pottermore, our Patronus’ and our wands.

And now I’m of to bed.

For those interested in knowing:

I’m a Slytherin and a Pukwudgie.

My patronus is a West Highland Terrier.

My wand is a 14,5 inch hard sycamore wood wand with a unicorn hair core.

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