March 30th


Today my dad woke me at 8 to go take an infrared nap. At 8:45 I decided I’d had enough so i got dressed and baked a couple bacon pancakes.

Around 10 we left to go to an art gallery 90 minutes away. They got a gift cheque from something to do with the renovations they did on their house recently. So they could pick out a painting in that price range and they decided they needed my help.

I love road trips so I was totally into it. Until we got there. None of us saw anything we really loved or even liked really. I got a 30x50cm red black and white painting of 3 trees next to water. It was by faaaaaar the best thing in the price range we could pick from. And since my parents aren’t necessarily art people, they didn’t want to pay extra for something they did like enough. So I got a painting I don’t hate.

On the way back we drove past a cat cafe and decided to go in. Because I really wanted too. It was a tiny cafe/gift-shop with 5 sphinx cats.

I had never met a sphinx cat irl so I absolutely loved it. They were all named after typical dutch cafe snacks. Because even though it was more of a high tea place technically it’s still a cat cafe. It was awesome and I bought a beautiful card to send to my sister in Australia.

My parents went to some second hand stores on the way home while I stayed in the car because I cannot stand those places. I’m a bot of a ?germaphobe? in that aspect.

We also went to a “snackbar” on the way home that served gluten free fried snacks.

It was kind of disappointing how little the person that took our order knew but still it’s better then nothing I guess.

When we got home my dad and I got some groceries and I ran into my best guy friend and made plans for later in the evening.

I then made some pancakes and played the division 2 until he arrived while Darkness was outside.

We watched fantastic beasts and where to find them. He went home and I watched some YouTube.

Now I’m sitting in bed writing this and I feel like I’m gonna fall over and barf from dizziness, So I’m gonna lay down and try to sleep now.

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