March 29th


Today I woke around 11. I went downstairs to let Darkness out and ate an apple. I then took her upstairs with me and washed my hair. At 13:20 my appointment arrived. He had some great ideas this week!

Afterwards I customized a bullet journal/notebook for my father. Because today is his birthday and when he saw what I did to my own earlier this week he told me all he wanted for his birthday was for me to make him one.

So I did. I had my brother print a picture of my parents and my sister Rose to fit the front. I picked it because she’s studying in Australia at the moment and they miss her a lot.

I then went to my parents place. They also got my brothers kids from school so it was hectic from the start. About an hour later my sister and her family and my two brothers and their extensions arrived.

My brother brought the picture and I finished the book. I also wrote him a thank you for everything and congratulations note and glued it in the front.

I then played outside with the kids until the food arrived.

I gave dad the book and we both got teary.

We had a nice meal. Then more playing outside ensued.

We had some sodas when it was too dark to play outside. And then everyone went home.

When I got home I realized I had to buy cat food so that’s what I did. On the way back I wondered what the cashier must have thought.

I mean, I was buying 2 big bags of cat food and a bag of cat treats while wearing a skirt with cats on it and a shirt with a cat on it.😺

I then petted a strangers cat and gave it a couple treats, fed Darkness and played the division 2 for a bit.

And now I’m going to bed.

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