Happy Birthday to Me


Today is my 24th Birthday!

Yesterday I got a small box in the mail from an unknown sender.

And it didn’t say to wait for my birthday but I figured that’s what it was for so I opened it at midnight.

Turns out my sister who lives in Australia and thus couldn’t be here sent had a heart shaped pendant made with a picture of the two of us engraved in it.

Honestly, I started crying the moment I read the card.

It’s just the sweetest thing ever.

I was feeling horrible yesterday because I knew she wouldn’t be here but then this came in and we talked for a bit so now I feel much better.

Then this morning I got 2 cards in the mail from my brother and his family and my sister and her family.

I then got all dolled up in a new dress that makes me feel like a bombshell and went to the store with my parents to get some cake and other snacks for my “party” and ran into by best guy friend who was kinda taken aback by my level of dressed-up-ness which made me feel damn good tbh.

I also got a message from the government guy that helps me get my life in order, congratulating me on my birthday and on reaching 0mg of sertraline last

I went to my parents place which they decorated according to my sisters plan with all kinds of dinosaurs because apparently you’re not really 24 unless there’s dinosaurs hanging everywhere.

Now it’s a matter of having a piece of cake and waiting till people to arrive for dinner later.

All in all a good Birthday so far!!

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