April 1st


I said I would post an update every of March but I’m gonna keep it going. Just not as strict. If I’m tired or didn’t do anything out of the ordinary I might skip a day, although I’m gonna try to never skip more then 1 day because I don’t want to forget all about it.

Anyway, I started the day with my new morning ritual. It goes like this: I take my meds and use the toilet then I take an hour long infrared nap followed by a long hot shower.

We’ve decided to try this out for a while to see if it does me any good. So far it’s at least helped me get tired earlier in the evening. Which is probably because I have to get up 1,5 hours before leaving the house instead of 20 minutes.

I haven’t really seen a decrease in pain but it’s only been 3 days so we won’t know if it’s useful for a while.

I made some bacon fried rice per the recommendation from my sister. I absolutely loved it!

I then went to a nearby forest with my other sister and her 2 girls.

We sat down in a giant clearing and played with a ball and a frisbee and some weird throw-y things. My sister and I played the most. As the little one kept taking of her boots so she had to stay on the plaid and the big one was so scared someone would steal her toys that she held onto them for dear life most of the time we were there. Because a toddler walking by picked up the ball because she didn’t know it wasn’t hers.

When I got home I played the division 2 and heated up some leftovers.

At around 8 my dad picked me up to go to Ikea and a hardware store. He didn’t want to go alone and I love sitting in cars so gladly went with him.

I then watched a couple youtube videos and filled in some stuff in my bullet journal and now I’m gonna go sleep.

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